The Virtual Photoshoot

by Three Boudoir

Put down that selfie stick. We’ve got you [wink].

What is a virtual photoshoot?

The Virtual Photoshoot brings you and a professional together so you don’t have to worry about getting the right angles or figuring out what filter to use. Let your virtual photographer help you set the stage and get your photos for you. In less than 24 hours after your shoot, you’ll have edited photos back to share with friends, family, and post on social media.

Choose Your Vibe

The Virtual PhotoShoot

The Mini-Me Shoot

Take 45 minutes to have some fun with the kids and make some memories. We have time to fill right now, don’t we?

The Brand Shoot

The perfect budget and shoot style to get photos for social media and to get real with the world. Pop these photos between quotes and your styled shoots to jazz up your feed or your blog.

The Boudoir Shoot

Promised to be one of the most inspiring experiences of your life. Total game changer. Experience a mini boudoir shoot until we can meet in person for the full experience offered by Three Boudoir.

The Empowerment Shoot

Empowerment for all ages. Your teen, college students, women who want to do this for themselves, your mom and dad, grandma and grandpa. This is for anyone who wants to feel good being themselves.

How does it work?

Step 1

Choose your vibe + book your shoot

Step 2

A professional photographer meets you in the comfort of your home via phone or computer.

Step 3

Photos are taken virtually while you receive step by step coaching and styling.

Step 4

Receive back your professionally edited photos back the same day as your shoot.

The Virtual Photoshoot is perfect for:

I'm Ready to Book!

About Us

We are the team from Three Boudoir. We’ve completed more than 10,000 photoshoots in our time as a photography company. What do we love most? Making memories with you and fueling the empowerment fire through the daily love notes and Empower + Rise photoshoots we do at Empower and Rise! When physical distancing set in and our in-person shoots came to a screeching halt, we knew we needed to find another creative outlet. With that in mind, The Virtual Photoshoot was born.


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